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Variant Configuration Essentials PREVIEW. Try a sample of some actual lessons from our Variant Configuration Essentials Online course. We include introductions, guided and self-guided content, and a Quiz to try. No credit card details are requested.

USD 800.00

VC Essentials

NORMAL PRICE 1000 USD Save 20% until 30 June 2024.
Master VC modelling using a business scenario & simulations. Learn best practices & gain hands-on experience through 90+ lessons. This course is for LOVC in ECC and S4HANA.

Learning Path
Radiant Think provides unique online training for SAP Variant Configuration functionality.
The courses are self-paced and provide the modeller with good practice approaches to build better models. This is unique and powerful as many VC training courses do not provide good foundations.

Try our preview for free - no credit card required.